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Choosing a Suitable First Aid Kit

Choosing a Suitable First Aid Kit

Choosing a Suitable First Aid Kit

Choosing the right First Aid kit for your workplace may not be as straightforward as one would think. Due to the various state legislative requirements, acts and guidelines, understanding the exact requirement can be a difficult task.

When selecting a First Aid Kit the most important elements to consider are:

Size Of The Workplace

For example the (number of employees). This is an obvious but important issue. The more people that you employ, the more First Aid equipment should be available and on hand for an emergency. View your states legislation.

Type Of Business:

Naturally depending on the business, this can also govern what First Aid Kit is needed. An office area for example presents far less hazards then a construction or a mining site. With this in mind you can make a decision what kit to buy and how many are needed. The other aspect of the business that should be considered is, should the kit be fixed (wall mounted), portable, soft bag, etc. To use our office example again, a wall mounted kit is usually a good idea as it keeps the kit central and easy to find. However on a mining site, a wall mounted kit may be not be possible or simply impractical.

Dangerous Chemicals/Products

If your workplace sells or uses dangerous chemicals/products, specialized First Aid equipment may be necessary. Some chemicals present respiratory hazards for example and it may pay to have extra CPR related equipment on hand. In these cases it is best to read the products Material Safety Data Sheets.

State Legislation

Give your state legislation a good read . Using the guides or codes of practice documents you should be able to determine what is needed at your workplace.

Within the NSW OHS regulation a code/class system is used which relates to a First Aid Kit and its contents. The regulation specifics what type of kit is required depending on size and industry. This is an excellent reference point for NSW businesses. At Seton to help our customers we break up our workplace kits into two categories dependent upon their location. Customers should select a suitable kit depending on their state or territory View our First Aid Workplace Kit range now.

If you need assistance with choosing the right first aid requirements for your business please fill in the Request Service form and we can arrange to offer you an onsite quote/service for your business to help you meet your OHS and safety requirements


All the information or advice on this page aims to be as accurate as we can reasonably make it. However, the information and advice is general and not necessarily applicable to your specific business or workplace. If a topic relates to your business or workplace, you should make sure you do your own research on how applicable and relevant the information or advice is to your particular situation